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Hi you all,
I like to know, whether zappos is still using holacracy.
As far as I know, not...
All the ressources at the holacracy one website and also the official zappos website are from 2016.
In an interview Tony Hsieh said:

Feloni: Last year I spoke to John Bunch, head of the Holacracy implementation, and he essentially said that even if the company had to abandon Holacracy because it wasn't working, the transitions that already were put in place would have been worth it. Is that something that you agree with?
Hsieh: Yeah, although I wouldn't really think of trying something instead of Holacracy as abandoning it. I would think of it as we're learning that there are some things about Holacracy that are great and then some things that maybe aren't the best fit for our culture.
It would be like if I asked you, "Did Apple abandon the first iPhone?" You can either say they abandoned it or you can say they improved upon it over time.

I really like to know, cause I writing about it in a book

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Olivier Compagne

[@mention:489243058777271705] I don't know where this rumor started, but I've heard it a couple times. However it's false; Zappos is still using Holacracy. The simplest would be to ask them directly

Bernard Marie Chiquet

[@mention:489243058777271705] The rumour started with Atlantico and then some consultants reused this false information into their articles.

Even at Europe 1, i was asked about Zappos. An I wrote an article on that subject 

Jonathan Yankovich

Thanks for setting the record straight, [@mention:449833773917801859]

Isabelle Rappart

In October 2017, Tony Hsieh was interviewed by Mac Kinsey : apparently Zappos is still using Holacracy https://www.mckinsey.com/busin...ny-hsieh?cid=soc-web