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Wrong Checklist item by nature : What can be done ?

As facilitator "substitute" (The elected one being in vacation) , I did a quick review of the circle I was going to facilitate (meeting minutes, checklist, metrics etc.) and noticed one weird item in the checklist : "All circle Member : Sharing of information".

First of all, To me, it does not look like a "check" list item. And secondly, sharing information can be done in the agenda, some it's also misplaced.

So as facilitator, I guess I could process a tension about that by sharing those 2 points. But can I say that it is not a "valid" check list item and that it has to be removed ?


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Paul Walker

Yo, Xavier!

You can definitely bring that up to let them know. In my opinion, I would do the checklist as normal (just so they get the information they need) and in Triage, bring up an agenda item regarding the Checklist and inform them it is more of a Metric. They are providing valuable information, not just saying "check" or "no check" to something.

As for removing it, anyone can propose to remove a Checklist item. If you remove it and add it as a metric instead (providing the Lead Link is cool with it, since they add metrics), I can't imagine anyone would care, as they would still get the same information they need, just in a different round.

Hopefully this helps!

Jean-Michel Gode

Hello everyone,

As this circle needs to share a lot if information, this items was added to the check list (when the circle was pretty new) as a warning before creating the agenda.

Main idea is to ask to each circle member:
Do you have information to share =>Yes/No
If yes, add this point to the agenda

To be clear, wording of this item should be "Information to share" instead of "Sharing Information".

Just know:

  • That sharing information takes usually more than 2 minutes, so it is helpful for the Facilitator to know how much "information tensions" he will have to manage.
  • As the circle is more and more Holacracy mature, circle members get the habit of adding an "information place holder to the agenda", so this item is less and less relevant