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Posted in GlassFrogBy LiuYan@HK • 08/02/2016

Why is it called 'Glassfrog'

Hi, a team member just shared this confusion with me, why is this system called 'glassfrog'? What is glass, or frog got to do with it? Then of course I googled, and found this 

The glass frogs (or glassfrogs) are frogs of theamphibian family Centrolenidae (order Anura). While the general background coloration of most glass frogs is primarily lime green, the abdominal skin of some members of this family is translucent. The internalviscera, including the heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract, are visible through the skin, hence the common name.


So I believe it is for the transparent, and organic nature of 'glassfrog' so that the folks at HolacracyOne choose to name the system after it? Am I right?  :-) 

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