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Why Gravatar for Glassfrog ?


I wander why using Gravatar/Word Press for the profile picture in GlassFrog ?

Word Press is (at least in France) not very representative and sometimes black listed in some companies (don't ask me why )

Initially I though it might have been a storage issue, but for the Community you're not using gravatar and do store a picture.

Any  change forseen on this matter in Glassfrog ? (at least being able to chose Word Press and direct upload of a picture ?)


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I agree with you Xavier, already told it to GlassFrog support several times as our clients don't know how to use it and thus, don't upload any picture which is a pity... Too complicated!


Hi Xavier and Margaux, 

Thank your for bringing this issue to visibility. I checked with Customer Experience role and I'm told it's on their radar and that it's currently a high priority issue for them.

Thank you for your patience and your continued feedback that helps us refine our product. 


And I just got an update from Product Manager that currently the plan is to move away from Gravatar so people can upload their own pics.

Also, if you log in using Google, GlassFrog will use your Google profile pic.