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Why circle member duties are only limited to requests from members of the same circle?

Hi, all:

I'm wondering why in the Holacracy Constitution V4.1, Section 4.1, duties of transparency, processing, and prioritization are only applicable for requests from other members of the same circle. Does it really mean that as a member of a particular circle, if a request comes in from a member of another circle, that I don't have the duty to be transparent, to process the request and to follow the prioritization order ?

How do you synchronize amongst circles then ? Does it mean only the Lead Links can expect the same treatment in section 4.1 because they are all members of the super circle ?

This seems like it's really counter productive and slows down collaboration between members of different circles and centralizes all coordination into the hands of the Lead Links, which sounds like it's back the way it was done in a traditional hierarchical organization.

Shouldn't all the duties apply to requests from anybody in the organization ?



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Dien Kwik

Turns out there was already a similar thread before:


We're doing it as if the duties are company wide, as opposed to just within the same circle.  I guess to make it formal, we need to create a policy at the board level to amend this clause. Can I or should I do that ?




Thanks for linking to the other thread - very helpful.  I can only speak for ARCA, but we treat this issue the way Paul at Zappos described, teaching that the duties apply companywide rather than just within the circle.