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Who can add checklist items for 'all circle members'?

As an internal Holacracy coach I want to add a checklist item for 'all circle members'. In Glassfrog I can only add a checklist item for my own roles. The secretary can add items for the whole role, but should he/she consider my request and can he make a decision on this from his/her role?

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Joris,

Question sounds strange as I've just checked on GlassFrog... and I can add a checklist item adressed to any role or member of the circle.




Hi Jean-Michel,

That is strange. Maybe you are a secretary, admin or some other role with extra authority?

I have double checked and logged in as a normal user, I can only add checklist items for my own roles.





Technically, only admins can add “global checklist” and “global metrics” (it applies for all the circles of the organization). 

Each person can add checklist items in his/her roles but if you want to add it on another role you're not assigned to, you need to ask that role to add it.

The secretary can modify that but only because it could make sense to do that in a middle of a meeting - in the constitution there is nothing special for the secretary. And, of course, admins can do that as well.