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Which roles can and cannot be elected as Rep Link?

It is stated in the Constitution that Lead Link cannot be elected as Rep Link. I have encountered a few interesting scenarios where these questions came up:

Can Lead Link be a Secretary? -- This question came up both as practicing Holacracy as well as using Glassfrog. In one meeting, a Lead Link needed to act as aSecretary, the Lead Link was able to open a meeting, taking notes during Governance meeting; however, Governance Meeting outputs could not be saved. We had to copy and pasted all Governance meeting outputs to email to another circle member who would later log in as a Secretary to recapture those outputs.Has anyone experienced this in Glassfrog? Does that mean, in Glassfrog, Lead Link is not allowed to act as a Secretary when needed? How's about in practice?

Can Rep Link be a Secretary? -- My interpretation is that yes, a Rep Link can be a Secretary. I don't think any conflict of interests here. What are your thoughts on this? 


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