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When things go bad: uncooperative coworkers, sanctions

Hello; i am seriously considering implementing holacracy in my 20-ish people company.

However, while transparency and the constitution will in theory encourage commitment, how far can (did) you go to prevent harmful behaviour, like a role filler not filling his duty of processing (4.1.2), or even not responding to incoming processing inbound messages (4.1.3 (a) Processing over Execution) ?

Is the only standard process in the constitution the 3.5.2. section (Process Breakdown from Unconstitutional Behaviour) section ?

Could you experienced Holacracy practitioners share stories (i understand it may be a sensitive topic...) ?

Worse, what if that behaviour was coming from e.g. a non-cooperative board member ?

Just trying to predict bad scenarios before they happen (i know, that's not the Holacracy way ) but i'd like to have preliminary responses for defending Holacracy to the rest of the team if such questions arise.

Many thanks

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