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When objections pop up at reaction round

There it went again: during a reaction round to a governance change proposal, a person stated "I object already".

I feel like one should not state this nor variants like "I will object" during the reaction round. I feel it is not the right posture for this very precise moment of the IDP. It is not the part of our intelligence that the process asks us to give at this moment.

And it has lasting impacts. Stating it moves the minds around the table (including the one of the proposer) already into objection round. It also puts a threat on the proposer, and an emphasis on this very reaction, like some hard push to consider it and amend the proposal accordingly.

For the reacter, allowing themselves to do so is not giving their best. react with their heart and soul, but refrain from thinking the objection yet. 

I even wonder if it shouldn’t be explicitly forbidden.

Gut feelings more than well structured thoughts on this.
Any opinions?

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