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When no role has the domain, who can act to solve the issue arising in it?

Here is an example, if there is no role taking care of a person who defies the policy around safety, like some one acting violently and could harm others. Then if the person need to be restricted or ask to leave the premise, who can do that? Can the lead link take that role, or the organisation will need to wait for a meeting. Who will judge that the person's presence can be harmful and act when there is no role like this? Can be a confusing question, i guess. 

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Keith Jarvis

I don't understand your example - but generally my understanding is that if a Domain is assigned to a Circle but is not differentiated to a Role within that Circle, then the Lead Link of that Circle controls the Domain.

If the Domain in question is not assigned to ANY Role or Circle then I'd

  1. ask the anchor circle Secretary to interpret Governance to decide which Role has authority (pending Governance), or
  2. propose Governance assigning the Domain where I believe it ought to be
shammi nanda

[@mention:454478741268114544], this is helpful. It helps me see pathways when things like this are not clear. 

shammi nanda

[@mention:454478741268114544], this is more of a case when even the domain doesnot reflect and its almost a new tension emerging where no role or accountability is defiend. It almost a need for a new role. But till the role is created if any thing emerges around safety for example Some one bringing in drugs and no role exists to stop that then till the role is created will it be the job of the leadlink to stop it or stop the person. Will it be some ones individual action?