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What type of item can you bring in a Tactical Meeting?



I have a question that came up when I was facilitating a tactical meeting.

A participant raised an item just to give some inputs to another role but it wasn't limiting one of the person's role, it was just a tension that person felt personally and wanted to share/process with the role in charge.

I am wondering though if 1- it is allowed for a circle member to just bring items in a tactical meeting that are not limiting one of the circle member's role (and if not, should the facilitator just drop it?)? and 2- if so, can that person request the role-filler to take an action or project?


For point 1, my interpretation of the constitution is no because of section 4.2.1 Focus & Intent : “(d) triaging Tensions limiting the Circle’s Roles into Next-Actions, Projects, or other outputs that help reduce those Tensions.”

As the word “Tension” is described as a gap between the current reality and a potential I sense limiting one my role's purpose or accountabilities, I would say you can't bring tensions as a circle member just to help the circle.


For point 2, I guess the answer is yes because of section 4.1.2 Duty of Processing. In my sense, this is weird because if as a circle member I don't have a tension limiting one of my role but I just have a personal need and would like a role to take on a project, that role can't say no... How do you deal with that?


Thank you in advance for your feedback and challenges of my interpretations!

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