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What to do when a role filler is out for the day or gone for a week?

I think this is in the constitution but I couldn't find it. I think it would be important to mention that this would be for lead link or for other roles. And i am not talking about meetings. Who gets to do the accountabilities and domains of the roles while they are absent?

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Roles are never absents. People filling roles are absents and it's up to them to deal with it unless specified otherwise by the company - not specified in the constitution.

Karilen Mays

A different thought...Anyone can take individual action in a role if more harm will come by not doing so...and then Lead Link is accountable for filling the roles, so if someone is unavailable and did not make arrangements, you may be thinking of the Lead Link Tyler. http://www.holacracy.org/constitution#art241

Tyler Danke

Thanks Margaux and Karilen! Both of your answers were very much appreciated.