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What metrics are and what not

Does anyone have a clearer definition of metrics in Holacracy?

The constitution does not define the concept and solely covers how to handle the "things called metrics", while the glossary says:

“Data chosen by the Circle’s Lead Link to provide visibility into the work of the Circle. For example, a Metric for a “Social Media” Role might be “Number of Twitter followers.”

“Data” and not “information”.

In our company (agency), many circles have started reviewing leads ala "project review" (update ... no update) as a metric during their tactical meetings.

My assumption is that “reviewing leads as a metric” abuses the format, and that a better practice would be to insert a new step into the tactical meeting flow, which is explicitly allowed at the end of https://www.holacracy.org/constitution#art423

Although I also recon that on the software-side of holacratic worklife, it's technically easier to insert a metric and do what ever is intended in it ...

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