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What is your purpose?

I thought it would be fun to hear some purposes of different organizations, and share how you came to it.  

At H1 our purpose is:  "End the utility of the management hierarchy; reveal a new way of organizing that is so exquisite, so comprehensive and so effective, that it evolves humanity's relationship to power."

To get that we used a brilliant process led by Tim Kelley (who is now one of our new Purpose Guide role fillers) to discover our purpose.  Everybody at H1 at the time tuned into our intuition about what H1 stood for, and we used a process based on gut feeling to come up with several types of purpose statement.  We have another document with more detail that we use internally.

So, what's your organization's purpose? And how did you decide on it? 

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I love this idea Matt! Awesome!


Our purpose at iGi Partners is “Sovereignty powered by Holacracy: the power of each individual and each institution to govern it/him/herself”.

Our definition of Sovereignty: “Individual Sovereignty is the quality of a person or an institution to be obliged or determined only by his own will, in accordance with the purpose which it is called to express, within the limits which it can not exert control or cause a material impact within a property owned by another sovereign entity unless authorized to do so.”

[@mention:449833773917801859], founder of iGi Partners, wrote an article about it: http://lexcellenceenholacracy....racy-are-you-serious


About the decision process: we had different processes. Our favorite was to write to all our closest clients and ask them a few questions like: “what did iGi bring to you and your organization?”, etc.. We eventually came up with something.

For this one, I guess it just came from watching the life of iGi and analysing each event/tension that would happen to her. It was obvious, not a decision, just a fact.

Maybe [@mention:449833773917801859] can share more. It came naturally from lots of discussions, me interviewing the founder

Bernard Marie Chiquet

There is a lot to say here... To add on [@mention:449693036337664795]'s comment, we also use the Long Strategy Space (versus the shortest one) we have once a year to sense into the higher purpose, a king of intimate conversation.