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Want to start an Online Practice Group for Tactical meeting?

Well here is some little help:

  1. Post that you want to start a group, share details on date, time and time zone and get 8-9 people in
  2. Become the Group Starter and use the following information to set up the GlassFrog environment for Practice
  3. Start, have fun and a great practice


Starting information:

Set up a standard Company with several roles in GlassFrog. Then decide on an actual big Company that you will us as your reference. In other words: become a mini version of this Company and based on actual news then process Tensions from the roles. To run a smooth facilitation all of the Participants will have to come up with X tensions per session, to be decided in the first meeting. 

As preparation the Group Starter needs to create a new GlassFrog environment for the new Company. Create the roles for the Company and then invite all the participants (max. 10) from GlassFrog and assign them to a role. All participants then prepare like 3-5 accountabilities that are related to their role. Also everybody thinks of one or two project(s) for that role and store it in GlassFrog. This way you have a starting structure. As Lead Link of the Circle you can think of some Metrics that you want to add. As one of the weekly Check List items we have: "Tensions for the meeting prepared up-front".

As you can use an e-mail address just once in GlassFrog I always inform people about the following method: If you have a live or gmail account you can use the +1 method. For example mulder.tom+1@live.nl will be accepted and will deliver all mails in my main account (mulder.tom@live.nl).

Then set a start date with all Participants and share the Scheduler. This way everybody knows who will be attending. To make sure that you have always enough people for Practice have a team of 8-9 people. Also this makes sure that you have enough Tensions to have a good meeting

For the rest it is up to the Group what to do and how to do it. You can either use Skype or Google Hangouts for the meetings. We use Skype and that just works fine. Just make sure that people share their Skype name upfront so you can connect before the meeting.

With the link below you will get into the Google Drive with the Scheduler and some additional information for the GlassFrog set up. Please make a copy from the Scheduler and store it in a new folder in your own Google Drive and then share that Folder with the Participants of your group. We also use this Private folder to share documents etc. that will help us with the learning.


Please do not remove, change or store items in the above Folder.

Good luck with the set up and I guess you can always ask other Participants from your group to help you.

Want the follow the group I participate in. Just follow the blog that I post on this Community:


Cheers, Tom

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