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Video on stories of Holacracy at Tucker Prison, Arkansas, USA.

This is recording of a call with Jeffery D.Kreh, who is involved with Like Wise College which runs an education program for the inmates at Tucker Prison in Arkansas in US. They use Holacracy as governance method in organising and executing the education program where the students are also co-governing the implementation. 
He talks of the deep healing power of Holacracy which gives people who have never had choice or an awareness of choice when they experience authority. He talks of Holacracy solves stuff in day to day to evolve the organisation, which is part of its design. He also experienced that people in the prision had been hungry for processes like this and adopted it with ease. It gives me encouragement to try Holacracy in diverse spaces in India and rest of the world. I am much moved by their work and deep committment to build a humane world and bring dignity to the places which need the most. Thanks Brian Robertson for connecting me to Jeff and spreading the light of distributed power. 
To know more about the program and contact Jeff you can write to jkreh@likewiseinc.com


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