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Value Exchange App

Hi Everyone,

I created a Value Exchange App that had a really awesome impact on engagement and wholeness. Thought this would be a good place to share the details...


The Value Exchange app was created to recognise the value that is shared between an organisation and its partners. All partners complete a monthly survey, which asks them to think about the skills and value they gave to the organisation in the past month. It also asks what non-monetary value partners received through their work in the previous month. The process acknowledges that value is not only given in return for money but that there is value exchanged every month in terms of collaboration, experience and learning that is shared.


  • Bring conscious awareness and appreciation of the value that is shared within your organisation.
  • Identify and record any unmet needs. Are there any burning talents that partners have that aren’t currently being utilised within the organisation? Is there anything that the organisation could do to give back to partners in return for their work?
  • Increase engagement and connection to the work and organisation.


Is this a method of compensation?

This process can be used as a way of recording non-financial compensation in return for invested time. The process can be used in conjunction with a method of compensation but it can also be used separately to any processes of financial exchange.

Core Governance:

Create a new role through the governance process.

Role Name

Value Exchange


Value that is exchanged between partners and our organisation is recognised and nurtured


- Creating and maintaining a Google Form to record value that has been exchanged between partners and the organisation.

- Inviting partners to complete the form every month.

- Making the form responses available for all partners every month.

Suggested questions for your Value Exchange survey:

  1. What is your name?

It is important that responses are transparent and ‘owned’ by everyone. This nurtures trust and wholeness within your organisation.

  1. What roles did you energise last month?

This question is specifically for Holacracy or self-managed organisations where job roles can be very fluid/flexible.

  1. What value, skills and attributes did you give to your organisation last month?

This is a question about what value you have given to the organisation. For example have you gone above and beyond to help? What skills have you used to get your job done? Have you applied any skills that are not necessarily required for your job role? This is your chance to write down all the good things that you have done and all the ways that you have given value to your organisation.

  1. What value did you receive from your organisation last month?

This question is not about your salary or financial compensation. This is about the non-monetary value that you have received through doing your job. For example have you enjoyed collaborating with your team? Have you developed relationships that you value? Have you learned something that is important to you? This is your chance to reflect and record all the things that you have enjoyed and received value from in relation to your work.

  1. Do you have any unmet needs in terms of the value you gave to your organisation last month?

This is a question about your potential and whether you have more to offer your organisation. You can write here things that you are able to and would like to bring to your organisation. For example you might be a great facilitator but you don’t currently facilitate any meetings. You might have knowledge in an area that is of value to your organisation but it isn’t part of your current job role. You can write this information here to share the values/skills/experience that you would like to offer.

  1. Do you have any unmet needs in terms of the value you received from your organisation last month?

What would you like to receive from your organisation that you are not currently getting? It might be that you’d like more team social events, you might want training in a certain area, you might want greater transparency of information or to be able to work for a charity one day a year. This is your chance to list things that you would like to gain from working in your organisation.

  1. Do you have any comments about Value Exchange in your organisation?

You can share here any thoughts about the survey you have just completed.


Comments made by users of this process:

“I love it more and more!!!! Every time I fill out this survey I feel better about it.”

“The Value Exchange process exists to ensure that all partners who wish to stay involved can do so knowing that their own particular value needs are listened to and accommodated where possible. I am enormously grateful for the space that we have to explore this.”

“Thank you for this VE process!”

“Thank you for giving me the forum to express myself :-)))”

“There's so much stuff stuck in me that wants to come out and finally I have a forum where I'm listened to, and that's amazing.”

“I recognise that our value needs are very different and I feel privileged to be part of a process that ensures that we are all getting what we need.”

“I am getting my value exchange by being part of the amazing Beings that make up the eco system of our organisation and am in total support of meeting the needs of my own and other Partners to move towards our purpose, however diverse needs are. Thanks you for an excellent transparent system of value exchange. Wow!” 


  • The process should not be compulsory, give partners the choice as to whether they wish to take part.
  • For clarity, suggest a timescale to complete the survey by. For example, the survey goes out on the last day of the month and is completed by the 10thof the next month.
  • There is no pressure to resolve or find solutions to any of the comments made in the survey. The process is designed to share people’s thoughts and reflections and to hold space for what wants to emerge.


I hope this is useful - drop me a line with any questions or thoughts: sally@sallymccutchion.com

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