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Validity of a Proposal based on Assignment/Availability issue


I saw in a circle a tension like "Because I don't have all the knowledge neither all the necessary time to do all that, I propose adapt the role I have" => and the proposal was to remove some of the accountability of the role.

Beside a possible quick time out (operational issue, LL for assignment, Prioritization mechanism, etc.)

Regarding the validity of this tension :

1- Proposal must resolve or reduce the tension => YES

2 - must normally help the proposer better express the purpose or an accountability of the proposer's roles => NOT SURE. How that "normally" word should be interpreted ? 

3 - Always valid if reflects activity already happening => HERE, clarify activity that are not happening. Is it OK ?

=> So, Invalid ? I'm not confident, so myself I would probably let it be processed. I should expect objections though, as removing accountabilities might move the circle backwards ...

If you have idea/comments/experience on this kind of cases, please share !

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