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Validity of a new policy

Hello everyone,

In an organisation I heard about, in a circle, somebody wanted to propose a policy which brings 2 modifications to the way facilitator is elected :

- 2 people are elected as facilitator

- one of them must be an employee of the organization (this being a way for the proposer to be sure that at least one is not one of the consultants that help them with holacracy adoption, and that are members of the circle too)

I would like your opinion, dear peers, about the validity of this proposal.

Personnaly, my general concern, for those 2 aspects, is that they change the elections' rule, and I wonder if it's possible with a policy, or if we need a Constitution amendment to do so (following article 5.5). Indeed, some articles of the Constitution say "unless a Policy says otherwise.", as for example 4.2.2 (attendance rules for tactical), other don't.

I'm very interested in your insights, thanks for them !


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