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Using Holacracy in Partnerships and Coalitions

Hi everyone --


Does anyone use Holacracy with outside partners, coalitions, or alliance organizations that are comprised of representatives from different organizations?


Part of my work includes managing a government funded cooperative small-business development initiative comprised of 14 different organizations.  Around this initiative we have formed an alliance of 29 organizations, called the NYC Worker Cooperative Coalition.  


I'm wondering if anyone else is implementing (or trying to implement!) Holacracy in such diffuse, membership or partnership scenarios.  The fundamental challenge seems to be that members/partners join at their own volition and there is no real financial obligation tied to their participation.  This is a common structure in many political advocacy and nonprofit settings.


Anyone else out there working in these settings?  I would love to start a conversation around this!



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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Michael,


I've made once an Holacracy implementation for 2 companies wich have merged their operations, but not their legal structures. It works well at the beginning but wasn't so long lasting, as the operations perimeter was different from the economic one.


For example, it was difficult for somebody in the first company  to be entrepreneur in his role and engaging expenses payed by the other company...  I finally found that there's something really tricky in a such situation.

Hope that helps