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Urban Development

Hello, I´m new in this forum and I would really like to find someone who has experience with urban development and managing cities. I´m writing a project paper about using holacracy as a possible management system for cities. My point of view is that you are able to run a city like a company - and the question is how to manage it. 
Would be great to read your opinions.
Thanks and nice greetings from Austria!

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Tom Mulder

Dear Elena,

Welcome to the forum. Please check out the video below from Brian regarding Holacracy. Instead of running a city like a company Brian at 5.17 in the video explains dynamics of Holacracy with the example of a city.

Holacracy: A Radical New Approach to Management | Brian Robertson | TEDxGrandRapids  



Thank you, really interesting. I also found a discussion in Brians book about the self organisation in cities. I didn´t knew that it´s a topic - great to hear.