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Turn to speak in Tactical?

We had an issue come up in our recent tactical meeting. If someone brings a tension and another person has input and is about to speak but the tension-bringer says that they got what they needed, does that mean that the other person doesn't get a chance to speak? Do they bring a new tension (even though it is directly about the tension brought)?

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Erik Lundquist


Great question!  What I generally do in this situation is just how you suggest;  bring a new agenda item to follow-up on the previous agenda item brought by another partner.    Sometimes time can be a factor, but usually there will be a chance for your follow-up agenda item/tension to be brought up.

Tom Mulder

Hi Jennie, as we are focused on the Tension holder and solve one Tension at a time, the answer is Yes. When the Tension holder says "I got what I need" then the agenda item is closed. Off course like Erik states, the other Partner can always add an Agenda item.

Although the Partner may have input the question remains if this needed information for the Tension holder. That is also why one of the Pathways is Request Information/Help. When this one is named by the Tension holder that is the invite to other Partners to share their idea's or opinion.

Hope this helps.

Keith Jarvis

Absolutely it must be a separate tension. Otherwise, this sort of thing is an exhibition of shadow power.