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Trusted system for tracking Projects and Next-Actions and being able to publish this info for your fellow Circle members

I spent this last week evaluating OmniFocus, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, the project tracking in Glassfrog and Holaspirit, and a few other things, and I've concluded that really none of these software are ideal for individual circle members to use for tracking Projects and Next-Actions.

I want something that lets me tag projects and next-actions by Role, but prioritize them globally.  And I want something that will allow other Circle members to view my list of things and be able to submit to me requests for Projects or Next-Actions.  But I want it to be clear that these are requests and there should be some explicit process for converting a request into an actual element in the system.  (Rather than someone just adding a project for me.)

I also want to allow people to 'tag' projects to get updates on them.  This will help us keep the "Project Updates" section of the tactical meeting more relevant because it will only focus on projects that other Roles actually care about getting updated on.

Does anyone have a good solution to this?  If not, I am considering taking this on as an open-source project, because I think it's one of the major pieces holding back our implementation at this time.

What does everyone else do for this stuff?

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