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"Too expensive" - is it a valid objection?

In case of some proposals, concerning unmeasurable improvements (i.e. safety), there could be an Objection "I think this is too expensive comparing to the gained result" - is this objection valid? - how to integrate this objection if Proposer belies that this is not too expensive?

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Mikolaj,

Is your question related to a governance proposal?

If yes, the objection is non-valid, as it refers to an operational decision: resource allocation.

Hope that helps,

Bernard Marie Chiquet

To add on Jean-Michel's comment, very often new practitioner may object for instance to the addition of an Accountability on a Role because of lack of ressource. This one is difficult to test by the 4 usual questions. The reason is that that participant may not have understood clearly what is an Accountability, which says nothing re the ressource to allocate. So I would give when such Objection occurs, a coaching point to help the Circle understand the meaning of an Accountability.

And it's not uncommon to Object (validly) when such Accountability triggers some bureaucracy/waste/muda - and this one is absolutely valid even if related to operational ressources.

Flavio Souza Ratzke

Hello Mikolaj,

As said, this is a resource allocation decision. Not governamental. To clarify a little more, e.g. in our company we have "Expense Centers", and we treat every Expense Center as a Domain. So, some Roles in our company has some specific Expense Center´s domains. Also, every Expense Center has a budget. And, of course, a policy, saying that the Role can only spend the amount budgeted.

In this way, the Role make the decisions for its Expense Center. If it is expensive or not, it´s up to the domain owner.

Jon Long - ArcherPoint

I've experienced something similar in Governance. I present a proposal that someone has an objection that my proposal may cause confusion. My objection to the objection is that it is not confusing and nobody will perceive it as confusing, and if they do, it is not causing harm. There seems to be a stalemate at this point. I've seen "confusion" as an objection a lot. 

So, I debate whether confusion is a valid objection.