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Posted in GlassFrogBy awo • 06/09/2017

Tip for easier scheduling of meetings

Scheduling meetings - A great shortcut for sending out a calendar invite for core meetings is in GlassFrog to go to the page for your circle, and on the "Members" tab ctrl+click on the "Email Core Members" and select "Copy Email Addresses". You can then paste this into the invite in Google Calendar. (If it's important that certain people attend you may find the "Find A Time" tab in the web interface with Google Calendar useful. This will show you side by side the calendars of everyone you need to be there. You can edit which calendars you see by clicking on the head-and-shoulders silhouette next to the person's name in the invitation list; by default it will be solid black, and if you click on it, it becomes a black outline which means the person will receive an "optional" invitation and their calendar will be hidden).

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