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Time for asynchronous proposal.

We have 5 day time for asynchronous proposal to be accepted in its own if no objection. I want to know if any one has two to three days and if there is any challenge you face. 

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Tom Mulder

Shammi, there is no set date for this. I always advice my clients to try something and let tensions drive it. My default advice is 5 days but I have seen circles that have less days. Reason for them was that they feel everybody should take this serious and make time for it. If it is safe enough to try just experiment with it.

Tyler Danke

We had 3 days and our team felt that when proposals would happen on a Friday that with the weekend many partners were unable to escalate the proposal because they were off for even just one business day. We are now at 4 days. 


We use 3 days and it works for us.
We're an asynchronous team so 3 days gives us plenty of time to review. For us, the proposals are automatically pushed to that Circe's dedicated Slack channel. This means that if we have questions for clarity we can ask them in that channel right under the Glass Frog proposal, so the context is there. 

We found that as a multi time zone team 5 days was just too long and was preventing us from moving forward. THAT was a tension 

shammi nanda


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Thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts on this. It was useful and will help me take a decision about my proposal on it here.