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The Power of Words : Super / Sub; Parent / Child

Some reverberations still occurring for me as result of Coach Training in June, and the drive to *crush* shadow power structures/processes/ideologies...

I heard Brian express some of the human tendencies to use language to subtly reinforce some of these shadow powers, and one example being the 'parent' circle and a 'child' circle to explain what the constitution calls 'super-circle' and 'sub-circle'. 

BUT this has a shadowy vibe regarding importance and elevation of value, of promotion/demotion when roles relocate, that souls in roles may find hard to keep distinct with such hierarchy-laden terms.

Brian went on to more commonly refer to the 'super-circle' as 'broader circle' which resonates w me, as it has a broader scope in its purpose. I'd adopt that terminology almost exclusively if I could find a tidy antonym to describe the sub-circle that seemed to work.

"Narrower-circle" is the knee-jerk antonym but doesn't feel useful.

"Precision" resonates but has no useful '-er' comparative to 'Broad-er' (Precision-er just doesn't work)

I've also consider:

  • Close-r - which sort of works
  • More focused - which resonates but is a bit long
  • Finer?
  • More detailed?

But am now leaning towards something use in technical speak, and I'm seeking feedback about how it lands.


Grammatically speaking, it should be 'More granular' - and I believe I will use 'more granular' in some contexts when I am directly comparing it in relation to the 'broader' circle and 'granular' in other contexts when I am referencing it alone.

Okay wordsmiths - what are your opinions?

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