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The Online Practice Group: my experience as a Coach

Quite often I join as a Coach into the sessions of the Online Practice Group (OPG). The reason I am doing that is because it provides me as a Coach with massive learning opportunities.

The participants are dedicated to Holacracy and are challenging each other when they facilitate. Most of them are preparing for the Assessment but we also have people who are interested to start with Holacracy in their organization and want to practice/observe before starting this.

What do I see happening during these Practice sessions;

  • High energy levels and people that are there for the learning.
  • Tough situations that people have experienced in real life in their company are used as examples to practice and to reflect with other participants.
  • High exchange of knowledge between the participants and eagerness to become all better Facilitators (or Coaches).
  • Nice role plays that really help Facilitators to become better skilled.
  • Discussions on how to handle certain situations or on how to interpret the Rules in the Constitution.
  • Questions or situations that are rerouted to the Community of Practice to find answers  or understanding

For me as a Coach I really enjoy these sessions. I need to be on top of the game as the questions asked by the Participants on how to handle situations sometimes push my understanding of Holacracy to the limits. Things that are asked for: 

  • Provide pathways that I could have used,
  • Provide lines that might help an emotional responding Participant (f.e. “Although your objection is invalid you still might have a valid Tension. Please feel free to add it to the Agenda after this agenda point is finished)
  • Show how the 3R’s (Rule, Reason, Redirect) could help in difficult situations during the process.

But also I learn a lot. From situations that happen and that I can use in real life or lines in the framing that I love and then borrow for personal use. Also I can practice my English facilitation skills and framing lines as Dutch is most used in my day to day practice.

So for me the two way energy is why I love to participate. It is fun to share and feel the inspiration for Holacracy from all Participants. 

In the past period a great group has participated in the OPG. If you would read more on what they experienced, you can read this thread on the Community of Practice: ...llow-up-s-and-basics. Also great to see that other Coaches ([@mention:455886150941203371]) take the time to answer questions and help the Participants to become even better.

So [@mention:564684143600201011], [@mention:573692591169355705], [@mention:563839477050140014], [@mention:461938744820271526], [@mention:527948166491091727], [@mention:573270378652500913]and the ones I forget, thanks for the Practice.

If you are interested in the  OPG. Here you can read more: /topic/assessment-preparation-online-practice-group. At this moment we have sessions at Tuesday evening CET and Friday morning but if needed new days can be added.

And to my fellow Coaches out there:  Join the OPG to inspire, learn, have fun and share your knowledge. 

Let's build a strong Holacracy Community together.

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Brian Robertson

It's been a pleasure reading the updates from those online practice sessions; exciting to see a self-organized effort like that adding real value in helping people become better Holacracy facilitators and practitioners.

One idea, if you aren't already doing it:  Consider trying a practice Tactical Meeting as well.  While governance is key to Holacracy practice, if that's one's only exposure, it's easy to mistake Holacracy as mostly about governance, which of course is not the case - Holacracy is a power structure for how work gets done operationally, in between meetings.  It's often mistaken for a practice that's about meetings, but those are really just footnotes, a means to an end.  The Tactical Meeting is still of course a meeting process, however it near perfectly mirrors the rule set and power structure operating outside of meetings (unlike governance, which has a totally different rule set in meeting vs. out) - at least, it does when facilitated well, which is usually harder than governance.  Perhaps that's why one can be an excellent governance facilitator, yet a terrible Holacracy practitioner overall (often while thinking they're quite good); but if you can be a good tactical facilitator, it's almost a given that you'll be an awesome Holacracy practitioner overall.

You've probably already considered this, but thought I'd encourage you to branch out and give it a shot if you aren't already!

Tom Mulder

[@mention:449693036223847456]. Yes, have considered it an also made some practice materials for it. The reason why not started it quite simple. No sense of urgency at the moment from the Participants. Most of the people are preparing for the Assessment and therefor interested to practice Governance. Can remember you mentioning that Tactical will become part of the Assessment. Any insights on that?

I completely agree that practicing Tactical is a total different ball game then Governance. So let's see if there are people interested to start an Online Practice Group where we practice Tactical.


Thanks Tom for the energy you've given and you're giving to this initiative ! It has been so helpful for me, and the one's who practiced when I took part. 



you wrote "At this moment we have sessions at Tuesday evening CET and Friday morning" but I can't find them in the calendar - can you post how to join? I would love to see a gov or tac meeting in action. 


Best Regards,


Tom Mulder

[@mention:566091701680783678]: we have a separate Scheduler for that. If you sent me an e-mail at mulder.tom@live.nl I will sent you an invite for Google Drive with access to the Scheduler.