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The OMG Circle App („Organisation, Mensch, Gemeinschaft“) v2.0

This Governance application is designed to address a common tension that is experienced when working within a Holacracy®-powered company. By separating “role” and “soul” and offering a clear home for the work to live in circles and roles, practicing Holacracy inevitably raises the question of what to do with people- and community-related matters. Where can those kinds of tensions be addressed? Clearly, without people energizing the organizational roles, we wouldn’t get work done. And where there’s two or more of them (us!) coming together, questions of interpersonal matters, cultural expectations, norms, and values, as well as the management of the relationship between the individual and the organization need to be consciously dealt with. Where do these kinds of tensions find a coherent home so that they can be resolved in a healthy way?


The following Governance app was developed in the context of Hypoport, a German fin-tech company. German labor law requires companies to enact certain duties of care for Employees (“disziplinarische Führung”- disciplinary supervision) which need a home as well. By making “Disciplinary Supervision” a domain on the OMG circle, it is easier to separate out the work of Lead Links from the work that is done in the role of “Disciplinary Leader” (“disziplinarische Führungskraft”). These functions, formerly merged in the person of the manager, can now be differentiated and distributed to different people under Holacracy. This supports the decentralization of power while it is at the same time in compliance with German labor law.

The app is building on top of ideas from similar solutions at HolacracyOne (“People & Partnership Circle”) and encode.org (with its differentiation between “Organziation” and “Association” container). It proposes to create a circle parallel to the General Company Circle dedicated to mediating the needs between Organization (“Organisation”), the Individual (“Mensch”) and the Community of people (“Gemeinschaft”) — OMG for short.

Oh my god, this German acronym is awesome! So, let’s keep it for the English version. :-) 



The OMG Circle is located next to the GCC in the Anchor Circle
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