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Tension with Secretary Holacracy knowledge


1. One of the accountabilities of the Secretary is "Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request"

2. A lot of our secretaries don't have the knowledge for "proper" interpretation

3. We had tensions about wrong interpretations or governance strikes

 4. We cannot remove any accountability of an elected role (Art 2.5.3)

I was wondering if we could create a policy to constrain the secretary to get approval from a dedicated role before any interpretation/strike. Something like "All Secretary's Governance/Constitution Interpretations or Invalid governance strikes are approved by Role X".

My concern is inside the Art 2.5.3 : "...no Circle may amend or remove any Purpose, Domain, Accountabilities, or authorities granted to an Elected Role by this Constitution, nor remove an Elected Role entirely."

=> What's the exact meaning of "authorities granted" ?

=> Is the policy proposed valid ?

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