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Technical Question about the Integrative Election Process



As a Facilitator, I was facilitating an Secretary election and 4 persons voted for Paul and 2 persons for Peter.

I propose Paul (the one that has the most votes) and have an objection from him that he is already the Lead Link and it is too much to digest for him right now. 

Ok so as a Facilitator, I choose not to integrate this objection but rather to propose the second person.

Second person, I have an objection from someone saying that this person is never coming to meetings and it is true.

As a Facilitator, I didn't want to integrate the objection but I wanted to propose someone else and it was not possible.

So my question: how do you do in this case? Do you force integration knowing that the objections were really ”valid”?

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Brian Robertson

Hey Margaux - You could eliminate those two candidates and ask everyone to redistribute their votes across the next group of tied candidates, which happens to be everyone else in this case...


It makes sense, thank you!