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Tactical updates

Hi Alexia,

is it possible to get updates on tactical progress out of meetings?

I now get updates on the outcomes of the tactical meeting. Additionally it would be great to get for example an end of week email with all the project status changes/completions. Especially in virtual/mobile teams this would be a great feature.


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Alexia Bowers

Hi Koen!

That sounds like an interesting idea. Brian was just pitching for something related, so I'll add a note and integrate something into a feature request. Thank you!

Do you think that having an email is important, or would it serve if you could see these metrics in GlassFrog somewhere?

Koen Veltman

I think my answer would be "it depends". And I don't think I hold a universal truth here. Both can definitely work. I am primarily email focused (like I read the community update on mail). But something like "your updates" in Glassfrog with all updates of circles I follow could work equally well I guess

Alexia Bowers

Thanks Koen, that is useful information!