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Tactical Meetings (GCC) & General

Hi Everyone,

We are in the early stages of our Holacracy implementation and are loving the positive effect it has had on our business. As part of this early learning stage we have encountered some scenarios that we aren’t 100% sure what the correct approach is and wanted to ask for guidance please. I've tried to keep it brief but can provide more context if required, thanks.

  1. Action against all circle members:

During a GCC tactical meeting, when an action is captured from a tension assigned to all circle members, does the GCC lead link need to accept the tension on behalf of the circles in the GCC?

  1. Rep Link:

Does the rep link role only raise tensions at the GCC tactical, or does the role interface with any other circle outside of its own circle?

Thank you for our clarifications.

Kind regards, Cobus Bothma       PERTH - OSBORNE PARK OFFICE +61 4 4808 4735  +61 8 6557 5407 cobus.bothma@presentgroup.com.au 6/8 Hasler Road, Osborne Park, Western Australia, 6017 www.presentgroup.com.au

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