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Tactical Meeting: how to better facilitate "Project Updates", and "Triage Issues"

Hi, we have been running weekly 1-hr-long Tac meetings in the team for 3 months now. It's going very well in general and everyone is happy that we could cover quite many issues in 1hr.

Last time, I noticed a few things that I'm not so sure of and would like to get some ideas.

1. In "Project Updates" part, one member shared a lot of information about his project. In one hand it is an update of project, in the other it is also informative or educational as his project is quite complex while other team members' understanding of the project is not as good as his, it's valuable for him to share or offload some information. But that makes it challenging to judge if he's sharing relevant information that is about "how has the project been changed since our last meeting", or actually 'educating' other team members about the project. 

So the question is, how do we judge if a team member is sharing relevant information in the "Project Update" part? When I'm not sure, how can I, as a facilitator, help with that?

2. After a person shares project updates, others are allowed to ask questions, while no discussion is allowed. I notice that when someone asked a project owner questions, it almost sounds a bit like 'interrogating'. As the project owner does have a track record of sometimes not delivering actions/projects in time, it almost feels the person is challenging the project owner 'did you do this', 'did you do that'... That made me feel a bit uncomfortable. 

So the question is, are their more detailed guidelines as for how one asks questions in 'project update' part in order to better understand the project situation? What questions we can encourage them to ask, and what not?

e.g. is "How can I help?" a good question? "Did you do this... did you do that...?" a good question for this part? Or is it actually a good practice here for others to challenge project owners? 

3. In "Triage Issue" part,  do I generally leave the agenda item owner to engage with others as needed?

What happens with us is, after the agenda item owner has actually got what she needs, I notice one team member continued to share information or his viewpoint, which seems valuable and relevant to the agenda item; the agenda owner also seems to like that information sharing.

Do I allow the person to share more information? Or do I check with the agenda item owner to decide if this is relevant to the tension raised and helpful to better understand what he/she is asking for?  Is it good if I ask the agenda item owner takes more ownership here to resolve his/her tension? 

Thank you in advance for your ideas!



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