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Tactical assessment - members wanted for Online Practice Group

Hi all,

We are a group practicing online to prepare for the Tactical assessment. We now have two spots available for people who want to practice Tactical. We have a bi-weekly meeting on Wednesday from 19.30 - 20.45 (CET) via Skype. Next session will be June 20th. 

Please note that we preference people that have signed up for the Tactical Assessment in the coming period, have experience in Tactical meetings and who will attend regularly to practice. 

So if you want to join, please reply to this post.

How we work can be found in this post: https://community.holacracy.or...for-tactical-meeting

Cheers, Tom

5 Replies

Hi Tom, I'm interested to join !

Tom Mulder

One space left……… Welcome Vincent

Joeri Torfs

Hi Tom, 

Count me in !


Hi Tom, interested in joining if it's not too late.

Tom Mulder

OK. All open spaces filled. If other people want to practice please start up a new group. Check this post for information on how to do that: https://community.holacracy.or...for-tactical-meeting