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Surrogate practices

I'd like to know of the different approaches and customs organisations running Holacracy have regarding "dealing with absent members", "surrogate", ...

At Liip there's that custom that people name their surrogate if they as Lead Link or Rep Link won't be present at the meeting (particularly at GCC meetings).

What about other orgs?

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Oliver Emmler

Dear Benoit,

we are a small company and name surrogates while absent. When naming substitutes this is accompanied with a written handover in our wiki. The extend of the handover between the role holder and the substitute is defined by the extend of the absence period. 

From our perspective this applies best to 2.5.4 (a) of the constitution.

A possible voting upfront (which i have seen in other - traditional - companies) would (a) not be aligned with the constitution and (b) create some more administrative overhead in at least duplication voting efforts - which will slow down the development of a company.

Best Regards,

Benoit Pointet

Thx [@mention:582983104089905965].

A possible voting upfront ...

Although you advise not to do it, what would such a voting upfront look like? I dont understand the scope or the intent behind such a practice.

You made me re-read 2.5.4 and better understand, thx!

What about surrogates for LL and RL at super-circle meetings? I see this as superfluous as long as one can attend the meeting: both represent the purpose of the sub-circle within the super-circle.