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Support needed for developing a 'Fair' and Transparent Compensation formula.

Have you imagined, How would a transparent and 'fair' compensation structure look like?

Ahimsagram is practicing Holacracy and NVC and based on those principles we are trying to work out a transparent compensation formula for present and past contributors, it will also include possibility of passing on dividend to those who have made financial contributions or put in sweat capital in the past by working with the team and they will also be seen as share holders to the Business. They might be given an equity bonds of ahimsagram, maybe we can call them Ahimsa Bonds, like a regular share in a company.

Different parameters are being considered and it's at a very raw state now. I am sharing the link here and its open to people for commenting. Besides, if you were a contributor earlier and don't see ur name, please comment there or let it known to me. Also if the time period of your contribution or the money or stuff given is not mentioned in the doc or expressed incorrectly plz comment on the doc and we will try to incorporate it.

Besides if you have any ideas on what else could be there in a transparent and fair compensation system, please comment or write to me at ahimsagram@gmail.com. Please see and comment on the doc at https://docs.google.com/spread...qcO1q9rgQ/edit#gid=0
Shammi Nanda

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