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Support for Holacracy Pilgrimage

I am on a Holacracy Pilgrimage in US visiting different organisations practicing Holacracy till 12 june. I need support in the following. 

1. Any one open to have me visit their organisation which is working on Holacracy. I am already hooked up with some and grateful to them. 

2. Financial support is welcome to support my travel and stay. Please see the note and you can make personal or organisational contributions. See more at https://goo.gl/1P1Moy

3. Need some one who can host me in Kansas City for four to five days as I want to visit an organisation doing Holacracy there. 

I am sharing the harvests from my journey on our fb page to support the learning and promoting Holacracy. See my updates on our fb page at www.fb.com/ahimsagram

Here is one post with a sound cloud - "Hear  Jennifer Slack talk about her vision and journey with sharing of power while being a founder/director of a day care center in Charlottesville, USA. She believes that if we want to create a space where we respect children then there has to be a culture of respecting each other amongst the staff that takes care of children. See more about them at https://ourneighborhoodcdc.com. 
This is the podcast series from My Holacracy Pilgrimage. See https://goo.gl/e2weNg". 

Look forward to hear some responses. 



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