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Subcircle justification: Meeting? Frequency?

Howdy Humans -

Super-fun Governance meeting just now brought up a very good group of questions around how/if/when a Role is justified to be a Circle?  Or when an inactive Circle is justified to be collapsed.

As part of our first-ever anchor-circle-facilitator governance audit I identified 5 subcircles that had never met and proposed to collapse them, retaining all of the roles and bringing into anchor circles the subroles.

I bet many of you read this with a sense of perverse joy imagining the pain that I experienced - especially those of you who've met me in person.  Oh, the karmic comeuppance.

So we process timed-out a couple times and I chose to suspect my proposal while we went into informal space.  Even that was nice and fun.

So - hopefully you're done laughing by now - and can offer - how/where/is there any threshold that identifies - 

  • When a sub-circle is in process breakdown or otherwise can be considered defunct? Perhaps it's if there is no elected Facilitator, Rep Link, or Secretary?
  • 'what if the circle just met once?' 'would that satisfy the requirement?' 'where is the requirement that we meet, anyway?'

And everything else I can't think of asking.

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