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sub-circle visibility into super-circle and super-circle publications

A couple related questions here. But let's consider the following:

  1. Structure: GCC -> Sub-Circle
  2. A role in Sub-Circle requests an accountability (through Sub-Circle RepLink) on a specific role in GCC. This accountability involves creation and maintenance of a document. Let's call it a "best practices" document.


And now for my questions:

  1. While I understand that the GCC can see Sub-Circle though visibility into Sub-Circle is "discouraged" as Sub-Circle should be seen as a black box or simply a role, visibility of GCC from the perspective of Sub-Circle is less clear to me. I don't see how Sub-Circle roles are even aware of GCC or GCC roles, other than LeadLink and RepLink (of Sub-Circle). 
  2. Regarding the accountability outlined above: how are roles in Sub-Circle to be made aware of the document created/maintained by the role in GCC? Or is this not really a Holacracy issue at all? Perhaps there is a more Holacratic proposal here that I'm not seeing...


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Chris Cowan

Hey Ray,

My quick answers...

1. Think of it like a neighborhood with several houses. If you are walking down the street (GCC), you can't really see inside the individual houses (subcircle). But, if you are inside the house (subcircle), you can easily look outside and see the street and the rest of the neighborhood (GCC). 

2.  If the subcircle wants to see the document, as it's created or updated, then include that in the accountability. So, something like, "Notifying @Subcircle when changes are made to document" would work (not the most elegant, but you get the idea).