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Sub-Circle Role Domain change proposal by Anchor Circle Role

Folks - 

Trying to wrap my head around something coming in Governance.  Situation - Anchor Circle Role "CS" wishes to alter/remove a Domain assignment in a sub-circle role "ER".

Is that something that is valid Governance?  Or, would CS have to engage the ER role's Lead Link (PR) to seek to affect Governance at the sub-circle level?

I'm trying to set aside opinion - which I will share here, that the individual in CS is wishing to exert inappropriate control or influence on already-established authority that is very aligned with ER role purpose.

  1. Is this allowed - for any parent circle or anchor circle, to seek to intervene in another role's sub-circle?
  2. If this is *not* allowed, where can I find supporting language?
  3. Is this a pretty common thing - for humans both in and outside of Holacracy?

The 80's song "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" is running in my head.

I know I have all sorts of opinions about what others should and shouldn't be doing, and the way they should and shouldn't be doing it. 

Is that a 'real' tension - and if so is it appropriate in Holacracy to pursue Governance to force others to get my permission or agreement on their areas of responsibility?

What about Objections, when this comes to Governance?  Could the PR role, who is Lead Link of the ER role whose Domain is affected, could that role have valid objection - since ER would not be present?  Or would that be 'trying to help another Role or Circle' and therefore invalid (testing objection question 4)


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