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Posted in GlassFrogBy DeAngelo • 02/24/2016

Sub-circle Rep Link assigned action in Tactical

In one of our tactical meetings the Rep Link of a sub-circle brought up an issue. The resolution was information that they were going to take back to their circle. We try to have a good practice in recording actions and projects and assigning them to roles. However, we noticed that Rep Link of the sub circle doesn't appear in the drop down. We can assign it as individual action, however. Thinking through this myself, I suspect it's because the Rep Link of a sub-circle actually isn't a role in the Parent circle governance which why it doesn't show up but I thought I would reach out and hear the official rationale. 

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Fred Magovern

Hey Michael, didn't see you posted this until the daily email summary.

I posted about the same thing a few hours later and got one reply.