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Strategy Meeting

It would be very helpful for us, if you share experiences with strategy meeting forms working with the Holacracy Constitution. 

We work quite a while with Holacracy but we do Strategic Meetings like we did before. And maybe there are some interesting practices. 

Thanks a lot for comments

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Sibyllle,

As I know, there is not specific "constitution process" for the  strategy Meeting. I set up several strategy meeting using a kind of home made process.


The main idea is :

A - Looking at the company/circle's environment from a very large perspective to a focused one, in order to check paradigm changes, news from the last period, "low voltage" signals, learnings...

B - Setting an agenda from tension sensed through the circle members

C - Processing each tension trough the IDM process in order to set strategic focuses

D - Building the main strategy using the strategic focuses


We detailed all the process in very specific steps, starting by a check-in round and ending by a closing round.


Before that, the LL has to delegate to the circle her/his strategic accountability trough a policy adopted in a governance meeting.


Thanks a lot for you fast and really helpful answer Jean-Michel!
Mieke Byerley

Hi Sibylle, 


HolacracyOne has a published Policy within their records called "Strategy Meeting Process" this is supported through a Policy set in the Board Circle granting authority. I have included the link to it, it is good reference as it accommodates the role of the Lead-link elegantly as per 2.2.2 Defining Priorities & Strategies. Just be mindful it is an internal document and not part of the Constitution or Rules: https://glassfrog.holacracy.org/policies/272


There is also a discussion of this topic in the Holacracy book.