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Strategy Definition in Holacracy

Hello - I have a role to facilitate strategy creation and use at our company.  I'm trying to get more clarity on the definition of a strategy related to Lead Link accountability.

We're having a debate about whether a Strategy can only be a heuristic (for guiding roles in their own decisions) and definitive tangle outcome, initiative or program.

It felt clear to me in 2.2.2 below that the constitution, for purposes of the Lead Link, is defining "Strategy" as "heuristics that guide", and would preclude stating a specific outcome.  This is how we initially created our strategies with a workshop run by H1 about 1.5 years ago.  The definition of Heuristic (enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves) also seems to support this.

That said, others here believe the language is not meant to be taken so literally (which then generates all kinds of questions about the constitution on lots of topics).  They also have looked to H1's strategies in Glassfrog where some in the past have appeared to state specific outcomes and not just heuristics.  (although I don't see any there today).

Thoughts?  Thanks, Scott

◦A Circle’s Lead Link may define relative priorities for the Circle. 
◦In addition, the Lead Link may define a more general “Strategy” for the Circle, or multiple Strategies, which are heuristics that guide the Circle’s Roles in self-identifying priorities on an ongoing basis.


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