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Posted in GlassFrogBy Margaux • 01/20/2017

Stating from what role is coming that project on GlassFrog



Some of our clients are asking this feature on GlassFrog: when they add a project on GF during or outside of the tactical meeting, they'd like to be able to state somewhere from what role did the project come from.

2 reasons for that:

1/ If they were not present at the tactical meeting and the project's purpose or outcome is unclear, they'd like the opportunity to find the role directly and ask them the intent

2/ The role asking for the project would like to track it easily


Anyone feeling that need too?

5 Replies

+1 for me 

Andrea Faré

Hi Margaux, sounds like a good idea to me,  from both the point of view of the engager (actions/projects I've asked for) and the engaged  (my projects --> requested by role and/or person), curious about other opinions.



Thank you Andrea for your feedback!

Alexia Bowers

As Product Vision, I am currently working up the specs for re-vamping the projects system in GlassFrog, so the info is timely for me. Thank you!

Bernard Marie Chiquet

This is very cool [@mention:449833773730792463] !