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Starting Holacracy with Small Department?

Hi, I'm working in the "Process and Organizational Development" department in a company with 3000 employees. We're sure that we will be able to convince our CEO to introduce holacracy for the whole company as far as we can prove the benefits of this organization type.

We wanna give holacracy a try but we're not sure wether it is clever to start it just within our department (10 employees).

Any suggestions on that?

best regards

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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hi Stefan,

Based on our experience, this would be possible (we're going to implement Hol. in a 15p department of a 2500 people org.) , nevertheless I would recommend if possible to implement in a piece of the organization including at least 2 or more conventional hierarchical layers to get the benefits from Holacracy.

Here is an example with a pilot of 50 people in a 70 000 people group


Of course you will not get the full benefits of Holacracy when applying in only a part of the whole org. but almost 60% based on what Dannon (another client) estimates.

Hope this helps

Bernard Marie

Karilen Mays

Here is a story about a similar situation: https://ocio.wa.gov/news/what-...cy-experience-so-far