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Splitting Domain

Hi Everyone,

We encounter an issue in the last gouvernance meeting of a sub-circle.

This circle has a domain "All computers of the organizations"

In this circle, we want "to split" this "huge" domain in smaller one et assign them to as many role

Let's say : 
- Role A : Domain : Computers of Marketing Circle

- Role B : Domain : Computers of Engineering Circle

All others computers is left to the circle

Is this allowed ?

More complicated case in when a domain is like : "All services of all customer"

Can roles in this circle split domain like this : 

- Domain 1 : All services of Customer A and B

- Domain 2 : Services 1 to 5 of Customer C to Z

- Domain 3 : Services 6 to 10 of Customer C to Z


I would say as the domains in the circle are explicit enough to be "included" in the circle domain and they do not violate domains of other roles/circle anywhere in the gouvernance and no one raises an objection, then all theses sub domains are allowed

Thanks for your input












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