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Spanish Constitution

Hi everyone, I am happy to share the Spanish version of the constitution for whoever may be interest. It is not perfect (I translated it myself and I am not a professional translator) but I think is pretty decent, we have been using it and is working but we also have the English version for backup. 

The idea is that until we have an official version we can improve together with all the other Spanish speaking members in this community. 

Hope it will be useful,



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Paul Codd

This rocks Seba - Great job! I've been through it once very quickly and tidied up a couple of tiny errors. You can review the document revision history to see them. We might discover other things that need corrected over time but I'm very happy to start using it straight away as is.

Thanks for making this resource available for the rest of us. It's much appreciated!


Hey Sebastian!  I am working with a company with a large presense in LatAm and they would LOVE a Spanish translated constitution, and I'm sure they'd be happy to develop more Spanish materials for Holacracy.  I just requested access to the Google Doc, and if you are interested in getting connected with my clients (Findasense) hit me up alexis@thoughtfulorg.com  Thank you!

Bert Sercu

Hi Sebastian, it is indeed a monk's work to translate the whole text so I admire your effort and really hope I can get access to this Spanish version. If one day I can make it up to you, don't hesitate to contact me Best wishes, Bert

Olivier Compagne

Hi Sebastian. Thank you so much for all your translation work. 

We created a repository on GitHub for the Holacracy Constitution in Spanish, for coordinating the translation with more people. Are you interested in participating? If yes and are familiar with GitHub (or are tech savvy enough to figure it out ), PM me your GitHub username.

Olivier Compagne

[@mention:456167666651727716] Little nudge in case you haven't seen my post above...

Sebastián Silva

Hi Olivier! my username is @silvaseba, I am not familiar with Github (I heard about it but dont know how to use it yet) I will try to figure it out and make my contributions there. Thank you!! 

Olivier Compagne

[@mention:456167666651727716] there is no @silvaseba on GitHub, however I found a @silvasebastian - it is you?

Max Hesse

This is great. Thanks alot!

Sebastián Silva

[@mention:449411339497350002] my bad, my username is @sebasilva

Olivier Compagne

[@mention:456167666651727716] oops okay, I guess I had given admin permission to the wrong person   It's fixed, I just added you with @sebasilva. Let me know if you have questions!

Monica Expositor Blasco

Hi [@mention:449411339497350002],

at which stage are you with the translation of the Constitution into Spanish? I'd like to contribute if possible.

Now after 9 months of experience with Holacracy at dwarfs and Giants and as I'm preparing my coach assessment too, I feel more fit to contribute.

Saludos / Amicalement,


Olivier Compagne

[@mention:548355922639373031] It's a good question! I'm not involved in the translation, but maybe [@mention:456167666651727716] know?  

You can find the document here: https://github.com/holacracyon...%C3%B3n-Holacracy.md

Also tagging [@mention:551171168851329852] in his Translation Crowdsourcing role for visibility

Monica Expositor Blasco

[@mention:449411339497350002] in Github it says you created the branch. Who is coordinating this now? Is it you [@mention:551171168851329852]? 
Id need to know what Spanish language version is intended. If it is Spanisch from Spain (Castellano), then there are quite a few changes to be made to improve this document. I'd love to contribute!

Sebastián Silva

Hi [@mention:548355922639373031] ! I am from Paraguay, so the translation is in a neutral Latinamerican Spanish. I do not know how much will it vary from Spanish (from spain), It is a matter of reading It, and seeing if  it would be neccesary to have different ones. I have not been following up on this, but last time I check (maybe 6 months ago) Not many changes have been made since I translated it. I know it needs a little bit more work.

Monica Expositor Blasco

Hi [@mention:456167666651727716],

Thanks for your quick reply. Yeah its super cool that you provided this version! Thumbs up! 

In general, there are some expressions and wordings in Latin American Spanish that don't feel natural at all to people from Spain. Thus, in general it would make sense to make a Castellano/ Spanish (Spain) version.

I'll look into it and let you know