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Some questions on Holacracy

Hi all,

I have the following questions: 

1.  When does a Holacracy company know it is time to recruit people?  

2.  How does a Holacracy company assess the fit between a person and the number of the roles the person took?  I noticed attention point system.  Does lead link have motivation to use the role taker's most attention?  Lead link may assign more points than necessary to secure the role taker's attention in the circle which lead link is associated with. 

3. How does a Holacracy system allocate resources? The resources are limited. In plan and control pattern, company uses budget to manage resource allocation. What is like in a Holacracy company to make use of the resources appropriately?    

4. Compensation is a core issue.  Assessing the value of each role sounds difficult because the accountabilities in each role are evolving.  Badge-based system sounds workable.  Is the badge-based system similar to skill-based system?  Could anyone provide some more details?  

5. If a person in a circle propose a tension that he/she feels overloaded, does he/she need to argue why the workload is unreasonable? Is there a mechanism that can assess if his/her proposal can be accepted? 

Sorry for asking so many questions.  Those questions were from managers' feedback when I tried to promote Holacracy to them. 


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