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Posted in GlassFrogBy Gary White • 04/29/2016

Setting up a Focus on a Role

Hi ... some background .. am implementing Holacracy and GlassFrog .. am at an early stage. In my current hierarchical structure, I have a number of positions that all perform the same function - my understanding is that I can create one "Role" and differentiate each Partner assigned to that one Role by creating a "focus" for each Partner.

How do I create a "Focus" in GlassFrog ?

Thank You.

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For adding a focus on GlassFrog, when you're on the Circle view, you click on the icon (on the right of the role) like for adding someone in a role, then at the right of the name of the filled people, you can edit for adding text, which is the field for focus.

Gary White

Excellent .. thank you.